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Our flagship workshop Celebrating the Body Electric. It is the gateway to our other workshops. This workshop embodies the fundamental principles which shape our understanding of how every person can create relationships of greater intimacy, openness and integrity, and through that, a richer life for himself.

Over the course of a weekend you will learn how to explore what
you want in your life through a better understanding and integration of your body, mind and heart .

The workshop takes you on a journey that incorporates an erotic education. We help you to realise there is more to learn about waking up and sustaining erotic energy, giving and receiving pleasure, and expressing your desires. Erotic exploration that includes the mind, body and heart is a lifetime journey of discovery and sustenance.

Celebrating the Body Electric teaches participants how to connect with deeper centres of pleasure in their bodies. Through stretching, breathing and touching, you learn how to awaken and sustain full-body Erotic energy. This workshop lets you explore your relationship to erotic energy in a setting that is playful, safe and honouring. The full-bodied nature of this work helps you to gain greater access to your emotions and desires.

Participants learn how to give and receive a full body massage and has the chance to explore full-body orgasm without ejaculation. The effects of this work are multi-dimensional. It gives you the opportunity to explore the spiritual dimensions of erotic energy, enjoy greater self-acceptance as an erotic being, and find ways to create more deeply satisfying erotic relations with others.

Celebrating the Body Electric are clothes-off workshops either for men or for women who are willing to touch and be touched by others, and who are ready to vigorously explore new levels of feeling, both within themselves and within a community of fellow seekers.

At Body Electric Inc. we celebrate the body's capacity to serve as a truly valuable and authentic guide for wisdom and insight.

Celebrating the Body Electric workshops are conducted at serveral centres around Australia at various times during the year. Please go HERE to check out our course dates.

Celebrating the Body Electric workshops are generally weekend residential workshops (late Friday to late Sunday afternoons). In some centres they are conducted as non-residential workshops (Saturday and Sunday, 9am - 7pm) with a Friday night component that includes registration and an introduction session.

Celebrating the Body Electric
is a prerequisite for attending other workshops, intensives and retreats offered by Body Electric Inc.

The cost of a residential workshop is inclusive of all food, accommodation and facilitation.

If you would like to know when the next Celebrating the Body Electric workshop is to be held, click the HERE.

If you have any questions or want to speak to a co-ordinator, please EMAIL us and we will contact you. Alternatively, contact a co-ordinator assigned to one of the scheduled workshops listed on our Course Dates schedule HERE.
We welcome your curiosity, your desire to learn more about your body, and your interest in our work.

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